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Chapter 10: The Types of Redemption
First Corinthians 10:1 talks about how God brought that first generation of Israelites out of
Egyptian bondage, how He brought them through the Red Sea, and about all of the things that
happened to them—both good and bad. In verse 11, it says, “Now all these things happened unto
them for examples,” and the margin of my Bible says “types.” Examples or types, “…and they
are written for our admonition,” or our instruction, “upon whom the ends of the world are come.”
Reason number 10 we are sure it is God’s will for all to be healed today is because of the
types of redemption.
The things that are written in the Old Testament, all the things that happened with God’s people
in the first covenant, are written as types for us. They typify, or portray, what has been fulfilled
in the new covenant, the New Testament. That’s another big reason we should not neglect and
ignore our Old Testament. It is full of beautiful types of Jesus and the work of redemption.
Actually, the writers of the New Testament, for the most part, assume you know the Old
Testament. Can you tell that by reading it? They make reference to it and assume you know it.
Many modern-day Christians are woefully ignorant of the Old Testament.
That’s why it’s important to read the Old Testament. It applies to us today. It’s the Word of God.
It never fails, and it does not change. We are in a different covenant, but we don’t have a
different God. He hasn’t changed. Thing after thing that He told them was prophecy. The things
He told them to do were beautiful prophetic pictures of what was about to happen. In fact,
everybody who was forgiven, everybody who was restored, everybody who was healed,
everybody who had any blessing on their life in the old covenant got it based on what Jesus
would do in the future.
Second Corinthians 1:20 says, “For all the promises of God in Him are yea,” or yes, “and in Him
Amen,” or so be it, “unto the glory of God by us.” All of the promises of God find their “yes” in
Him. Who is “Him”? If you read the passage, “Him” here refers to Jesus.
The New International Version says, “No matter how many promises God has made, they are
‘yes’ in Christ.” Aren’t you glad they are “yes”?
Is it God’s will for you to be healed? The answer is “yes,” but it is only “yes” because of what
the Anointed One has done and continues to do. Every time you need something, it’s yes. Every
time you want something—any blessing, any protection, any deliverance, any healing—all of it
can be yes. If you need provision tomorrow, it’s yes again. If you need healing for the nine-
thousandth time, it’s yes, and it will be yes tomorrow. Yes!
You hear preachers say, “Well, you know, God always answers,” and they kind of raise an
eyebrow. “God always answers. Sometimes it’s ‘yes,’” and they don’t say it, but you can tell
they’re indicating
most of the time it’s not
… “and sometimes it’s ‘no,’ and sometimes it’s ‘wait a
while,’ and you just never know...” That’s not Bible. That’s not Scripture. The Bible says if we
ask anything according to His will, He hears us, and if we know He hears us, whatever we ask,
we know that we have the petition. (1 John 5:15) What does that mean? It means He said, “Yes.”
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