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You would. Lord, please, if it be Your will.” We have to believe that anyone who is asking that
question, if they are listening, has the answer: “I will. Be thou clean.”
What did the Lord say? Did He ever say, “I won’t”? You cannot find even one response of “I
won’t” when anyone asked Him to be healed.
In order for something to be “scriptural,” what must you have to support it? Scripture. There are
people who find fault with us and don’t like what we teach about this. They teach that it’s not
always God’s will to heal, but where is their scripture? We have a scripture when people say, “I
know You can, if You will,” and He tells them, “I will.” Where is their scripture when Jesus tells
people, “I won’t”? You cannot find it, because it does not exist.
Yet, that is more commonly held and believed than what you and I believe. There are many,
many millions more Christians who believe, “Sometimes He will, and sometimes He won’t,”
than who believe this. I never read anywhere that He said, “I won’t.” Have you? Can you show
me? Can you tell me? I’ve read it several times, and I have never seen where He said, “I won’t.”
I do see very clearly—and this is not the only place—where He tells a man, “I will.”
So, that’s my answer. I’m satisfied. If He said, “I will”
, He’s saying, “I will”
, and He’ll
say, “I will”
. If He said, “I will” to the man with leprosy, He’ll say, “I will” to you,
and “I will” to me. That’s my answer.
Still, there are so many hundreds of thousands and millions of people in sick beds and hospital
rooms begging God, “Lord, I know You can, if You would. If it’s Your will.” They don’t know
whether it’s God’s will or not.
There was a time when I was in that same place. There was a time when I went around with
other ministers and prayed for people, and this is how we prayed: “Oh, Lord, heal them if it be
Thy will, and if not, Thy will be done.” We thought we were being submissive to the will of
God. We thought we were doing what we should be doing, but I don’t pray that way anymore. I
don’t pray that way any more than I would ever pray for someone to get born again by saying,
“Lord, save them if it be Thy will.” I don’t pray that way because I have discovered His will. I
have found His will. And it is not His will that any should perish. It is His will that all should
come to repentance and to the saving knowledge of the Master. How do I know that? I have
verses of Scripture for it. So, I never pray for anyone “if it be Thy will” to be saved. Do you?
Nor do I ever pray for anyone to be healed with an “if it be Thy will.” I have found it in the same
Bible, and not just in this one verse.
I’m going to emphasize this until any remote thought of doubt about God’s will for your healing
is like a long-distant dream. It’s going to be gone so far that it will be hard for you to ever
remember that you questioned the will of God about healing.
Now, if you think you don’t agree with this so far, that’s fine, but stay with me and prepare your
case. Put your scriptures together. Do you know what I mean by that? People require me to prove
believe. Prove to me from the Bible why it’s
God’s will for us to be healed.
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