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Chapter 2: A Strong Spirit Will Sustain You
Reason number two why we are sure it is God’s will for all to be healed today is found in
Proverbs 18. Many times I’ve been to the hospital, and there’s been someone lying there that
thought, “I can’t live; I’ve got to die.” All they do is lie there night and day and watch TV.
You might say, “What’s wrong with that?”
They can’t afford it. They don’t have time for that. But they do it.
A lady and her daughter came one time to Healing School, and she wanted me to pray for her to
be healed. Doctors had diagnosed her as terminal, saying nothing could be done. She had already
gone through some treatments, and they said now it was in this last stage, and nothing could be
After talking with her for a few minutes, I saw she was not ready to receive prayer. She was not
ready to believe that she had received her healing. She wasn’t convinced of the will of God.
So I knew what had to happen. I said, “Our class is going to start in just about 30 minutes. Can
you stay?” What needs to happen? What does she need? How is she going to get faith to be
healed? How does faith come? It comes by the Word. (Romans 10:17) I said, “Could you stay?”
I wasn’t going to try to explain all this to her, so I asked her if she could stay.
She said, “Well, no, my daughter and I planned to go shopping this afternoon.”
This is happening everywhere, all the time. Why? Because people don’t see the value of the
Word. They don’t see the reality and power of what this can do in their life. They don’t see how
desperately they need it.
Many people call a place their church, but the vast majority of them think they don’t really need
to be there that much, that they’re okay. They can drop in once a month or once every three
months, but that is deception.
What is happening is their spirit is growing weaker every day, and they don’t realize it. Did you
know that right now—I know you might not like to think about this—but right now, there are
enough bacteria and germs of every kind on your skin, and in the air, and inside your body, to
kill you ten thousand times over? Right now. Do you know why you’re not dying at this
moment? It’s because you’re strong enough. Your body and your immune system are strong
enough to keep it at bay, but all that stuff is lurking in your system. It’s in there lurking, waiting
for you to get weak enough that it can start multiplying and taking over.
Does that sound devilish or not? That’s because it is. There’s a life in cancer. There’s a life in
these terrible diseases. You can see it under the microscope. It’s moving. It multiplies. It grows.
Where does that come from? It’s not from God. Now, I want to back it up another step from this.
The principle is the same, but look at Proverbs 18:14. It says, “The spirit of a man will sustain
his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?”
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