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Chapter 20: Healing in the Acts
The Book of Acts is an historical account, an inspired account by God, of the beginning days of
the Church. We are part of the same Church. The Book of Acts is still being written, and you and
I are in some chapter. That’s right. Sometimes people talk about the Early Church like it’s a
different church. No, it’s the same Church. We have the same Jesus and the same Holy Spirit.
We have the same Gospel and the same Great Commission. Our lives are supposed to look like
these pages. It would do us a world of good if we just lived in this book for a while, until we
begin to realize what our life is supposed to be like. These days have not passed away, and that’s
what we’re going to see right now.
Reason number 20 we are sure it is God’s will for all to be healed now, today, is because of
healing in the Acts.
The Book of Acts was written by Luke, the physician. I respect the medical profession. I thank
God for good doctors and nurses. I pray for scientists and researchers to find cures. I do. One
might say, “I thought you were a faith man.” I am, but people are at all different levels. Lots of
people don’t even know God, and they’re not trying to believe God at all. Millions have never
even heard about healing, and they don’t believe in it at all. Then, there are a lot of folks who do
and are just now starting to work on their faith. We thank God for all of these things.
You might ask, “Well, what should I do, Brother Keith? Should I go to the doctor? Should I not?
Should I have the surgery? Should I not? Should I take the medicine? Should I not?” The answer
to a million and one questions is “be led.” That is the answer. Some say, “Oh, that’s just your pat
answer.” No, that
the answer, and if you don’t know what that means, find out about it and
learn how to be led. The Lord will lead you according to where your faith is.
But He is our Healer. So many times when we can get help, it doesn’t fix the problem, and you
still have to believe God. It helps you, but thank God for a Healer who can fix it. You don’t just
want to be against taking medicine, you want to get to the place where you don’t need the
medicine. You don’t want to just fight the bank, you want to get to the place where you don’t
need it like you have in the past. Don’t fight things. Don’t be “anti” stuff; be
We’re believing God to get to a place where we’re not dependent on things like we have been.
But if something will help you in the meanwhile, we’ll thank God for that, too.
In Acts 1:1, Luke says, “The former treatise have I made, O Theophilus, of all that Jesus
began…” What does that mean? God used Doctor Luke to pen this, and he’s referring to a
previous thing he penned. What would that have been? Well, there’s a Gospel account that bears
his name: Luke. God used him to pen that, and that’s what he is talking about. The former
treatise, the previous document and work that he made, was a document of all that Jesus did? Of
all that Jesus finished? No, the key word here is
. “Of all that Jesus
both to do and
This is exciting. Everything Jesus did is supposed to still be happening. Everything He taught is
supposed to still be taught. Yet, He’s not here in the flesh. He’s been raised from the dead. He
has ascended. He sits at the right hand of the Father, Majesty on High. Then He finished His
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