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Chapter 1: God’s Word Is Medicine
The first reason why we are sure it’s God’s will for all to be healed today is found in Proverbs
4:20-22. He said, “My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear,” tune your ear, “to my sayings.
Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life,” His
words are life, “unto those that find them, and health,” or the margin says “medicine,” “to all
their flesh.”
Reason number one we are sure it’s God's will for all to be healed today is because God’s
Word is medicine.
“Why are you saying that, Brother Keith?” Well, are God’s Words for everyone?
You might say, “It’s not always God’s will for everyone to be healed.” God’s Words will heal
you, won’t they? How does God work that, then, if His Words will heal you, and someone is
getting a hold of His Words, but it’s not His will for them to be healed? Whoops. Are God’s
Words for everyone? Are God’s Words medicine to all your flesh? Then healing has to be for
everyone. It would be like coming out with a cure for someone who has a deadly disease, and
telling them, “We found a cure! This will heal you! But, don’t take it, because it might not be
God’s will for you to be healed.”
If you take it, and it will heal you, and it’s available to you, everyone has enough sense to take it,
right? God’s Word is medicine—not just the healing verses, but all of His Word. Man does not
live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out of the mouth of God. (Matthew 4:4) What
food is to the natural body, God’s Word is to your spirit. Oh friend, get a hold of this now.
Have you been experiencing some symptoms? Then you need to increase your “medicine.” What
am I talking about? I’m talking about reading your healing verses, but not
the healing verses.
Also read Matthew, and read Ephesians for dessert. I’m serious. Then read some more. Double
up on your Word intake. Triple up on your Word intake. Increase it. Why? “They are life to
those that find them, and health,” or medicine, “to all their flesh.” If you take enough of God’s
Word long enough, it will heal you.
Friend, I exhort you to read the Word. So many Christians do not understand what this is to your
spirit. Your mind doesn’t have to understand all of it to get the benefit any more than you have to
know the chemical makeup of a piece of cornbread, or the molecular structure of a biscuit, to get
any nourishment and strength from it.
You might not have a clue about what’s in that piece of food, but you can eat it, chew it up, and
swallow it, and it does something when it gets inside of you. Your body is able to extract all of
the nutrients and chemicals, and it will give you strength. It will help you, right? The Word is
spirit food. This is healing medicine to all your flesh. Every verse is medicine, including the
“begats,” and including descriptions about the Promised Land and land borders and names you
can’t pronounce. It’s medicine to all your flesh. That’s why you don’t neglect getting your Bible
out and reading. But before you do, say, “Lord, I want to thank You for this Word. It’s life to me.
It is medicine to all my flesh, and while I read it, I eat it, and hear it, I’m taking my medicine.”
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