God's Will To Heal - page 12

It is so easy. The devil wants you to think it’s hard, but the Word of God is going to come, and
you’re going to hear it, and faith to be healed will come. Do I think so? No, I
so. I know it
from the Word. I’ve seen it from experience year after year. I’ve seen some of the most terrible
diseases. I’ve seen people at death’s door, looking like just skin and bones, and they can’t talk or
get up.
You can’t say, “You don’t know how bad it is.” I’ve probably seen worse. That’s all I did year
after year, day and night. I’ve seen it.
I’ve seen people come back from death’s door. I’ve seen them blossom like flowers in the
sunshine, beginning to open up when the Word of God came on them and rained on them. I’ve
seen them get stronger and stronger. I’ve seen them go back to their jobs. I’ve seen them go back
home. I’ve seen them gain their weight back and live several more years. It’s not hearsay. I’ve
seen it again and again. I’m talking about people who were yellow with jaundice, or who had a
giant tumor protruding from their stomach or had purplish masses showing through the back of
their skin. I’ve seen people on breathing machines that haven’t been able to eat solid food in
I’m thinking of a man right now who had a feeding tube. He got so much faith in him that he
pulled that tube out, went to a Mexican restaurant, and ate two Mexican dinners—and the food
stayed down. After several months, a person would get hungry, you know? He was given up to
die, with no hope from the natural. What if he would have just sat passively by and said, “It’s up
to God. Whatever He wants...” Well, he’d be gone.
It makes a difference what church you go to. It makes a difference what you believe and who
you hang around. It’s life and death.
I am so glad that God let us find out, that He revealed to us in His precious Holy Word, that no
matter who, and no matter where, and no matter how far gone, and how bad and hopeless, we
can look up and say, “Lord, I know You can do it. If You would.”
We have heard from heaven. It is written in the Holy Word that heaven and earth are going to
pass away, but His Word will never pass away. It cannot change or fail. We have heard from
God, from heaven, and the answer is, “Of course I will. Be healed.”
Say this out loud:
I’ve heard from heaven.
I have got my answer.
It’s not what men think.
It’s in the Holy Word.
He told me it is His will.
Now I’m going to begin giving you reason after reason, 30 reasons, why we are sure it’s God’s
will for you to be healed right now—not theories, not opinions, not what someone said or
thought, but from Scripture. I’m going to go over this until it’s built into your spirit, until there’s
no more room for doubt and fear or sickness.
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