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What about a man or woman who needs deliverance from habits and problems? What is He
going to say? “Of course I will.”
What about someone who is oppressed in their mind? That’s why He bore the chastisement of
your peace. “Of course I will.” Did He take your infirmities? Did He bear your sicknesses? Did
He carry your pains? Is it written, “By His stripes,” His wounds, “we’re healed”? (1 Peter 2:24)
Then of course He will.
Say this out loud:
“Of course He will.”
Think about this: You’re standing there looking at Jesus being nailed to the cross and raised up,
and He’s bleeding, and you look up and ask, “Is it Your will for me to be saved? I just don’t
know Lord...” Why is He there? What’s going on? All He had to do for us to be lost was nothing,
and we would have all been lost.
He’s tied to the whipping post. He’s being scourged, and you look at Him and say, “Is it Your
will for me to be healed?” “Of course I will.” I like that, don’t you? “Of course I will.”
Men are confused. The enemy tries to confuse people through ministers, through preachers, and
through people writing books. They have confused and muddied the issues through the years and
centuries. If you’ll read this Gospel without your religious-colored glasses on, you will see that
everyone who ever came to Jesus to be healed left healed. Every one of them. There was no one
who was told that God was working something out in their life, and He told them they had to
wait, or that it wasn’t time. It’s not there. These are familiar phrases, but they’re not in the Bible.
They are men’s fabrications trying to explain why something didn’t happen. They are proud men
and women’s explanations trying to get all of the responsibility off of themselves for anything.
It’s mighty convenient. The problem is, people stay sick, and they die young and prematurely.
People say, “It was the will of God, and God needed another angel in the choir. He took them,
and we don’t know why.” But that’s not true. None of it is true. Now, if they were saved, glory
to God, they’re in heaven. That’s great. But you don’t have to be robbed of years in this life—of
good service and bearing fruit.
Do you believe you have a Healer? Say this out loud:
“I have a Savior, and I’m saved. I also
have a Healer, and I’m healed. It is His will to heal me.”
Glory to God.
Let me give you three reasons why Christians are sick and stay sick. These are Christians now,
not non-Christians.
The first one is what we’re already talking about. Millions of Christians don’t know that it is His
will for them to be healed. They still question it and debate it. They don’t know that healing is
bought and paid for, or that it belongs to them, just like the forgiveness of sins. If they don’t
know it, they’re not going to claim it. As long as you question His will on it, you cannot have
Brother F. F. Bosworth, author of the book Christ The Healer, said, “Faith begins where the will
of God is known.”
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