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just believe… This is what I think...” That doesn’t matter. “I’ve got just as much right to what I
believe as you do.” No, you don’t, nor do I. “Well, everyone is free to believe what they want to
believe, and if that’s what I believe, that’s what I believe.” If you are a Christian, you’ve already
been told what to believe, and it’s not okay for you to just say, “Well, this is what I believe about
it.” Is it based on Scripture? Based on what Word?
How do we find the will of God? We find it in the Word of God, and that’s another way of
saying “Jesus.” The Word of God reveals to us the will of God. Jesus said, “I didn’t come of
Myself, but He sent Me.” He said, “I don’t speak of Myself.” What does that mean? Everything
you ever saw Jesus do or heard Him say was a direct revelation of the unchanging will of God
for all men, for all time.
So, when we read that this man full of leprosy comes and says, “Lord, I know You can do it, if
You will,” and Jesus reaches out, puts His hand on the man’s sick body, and says, “I will,” does
it mean anything to us?
The Bible says that if everything Jesus said and did was recorded, not even the world itself could
contain all the books that should be written. (John 21:25) We have a very, very small amount of
what He said and did recorded, and this amount was hand-picked by God the Father, by the Holy
Spirit, and manifested through His men. Why did He pen this? Because this Word is a historical,
accurate account—but it is much, much more than history. It is God speaking to all mankind,
revealing the will of God for everyone, for all time.
If the man’s healing had just been for him, it wouldn’t have been in the Bible where you and I
could read it and believe it today. The fact that it’s there and that it’s written and recorded in
numerous places means we are supposed to take it how? When He said, “I will,” that’s not just “I
will” to that man, on that day. That is the unchanging will of God for all men for all time. When
He said, “I will” to him and had it recorded in the Bible, it’s an “I will” to you and to me.
Why do we still have millions of people begging God to heal them “if it would be His will”?
That’s not good enough for them; they want something else. “Well, how would you know it is
God’s will?” They reply, “When I’m healed.” Do you mean, when you see it, you’ll believe it?
“Yes.” It will be too late to believe it. It will be too late for faith. If you have to see it before
you’re going to believe it is His will, then you are refusing to have any faith.
Faith believes it when it does not look like it’s even possible, just simply because He said it.
God’s will is to heal. Look at Luke 5:12-13 again. The man said, “If you will, I know you can.”
Jesus said, “I will.”
In verses 12 and 13 of the Living Bible, the man says, “Sir, if you only will, you can clear me of
every trace of my disease. Jesus reached out and touched the man and said, ‘Of course I will. Be
healed.’ And the leprosy left him instantly.”
Think about this: If a man or a woman comes sincerely before the Lord and says, “Lord, I’ve
messed up. I’m so sorry. I’ve sinned against You, but please, would You save me,” what does He
say? “Of course I will. That’s why I went to the Cross.”
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